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Cristian talked about his experiecne growing up in a household with a woman as the breadwinner and about his racial and ethinic identity and how it intersects with gender.

Margarita talked about her experience of moving from Puerto Rico to Boston and her identity as a Latina

Vilmary Fuertes.png
Vilmary discussed her experiences in moving from Puerto Rico to the U.S. for educational purposes, her development into becoming a physical therapist right out of college, and her assimilation into the U.S. and eventually Saratoga Springs.

Samuel talked about how he grew up in the Dominican Republic while his mother and siblings lived in the United States, with the hopes of being prosperous. Once he was old enough and his mother was able to secure him citizenship, he moved to New York…

Samantha shared her experiences, what she know of her parents' experiences, and the role that being Chicana has played in different parts of her life.

Arielmy (Ariel) talked about moving from her home country of the Dominican Republic to the U.S. and life as an Afro-Latina in both the U.S. and D.R.

Daniela Menchaca.jpg
Daniela talked about what it was like to live as a Mexican-American in the Texas, and her connection to her Mexican cultural heritage. She speaks on overcoming stereotypes and the issues she faced to come to college in New York._

Lorenzo (name has been changed) talked about his experience coming from El Salvador to the U.S. at the age of 10.

Yessica .jpg
Yessica talked about moving to the United States from the Dominican Republic and it's impact on family dynamics, racial/ethnical self-identity, and future opportunities/dreams. _

Luisa expressed the impact and reasoning of her immigration_ from the Dominican Republic to the Washington Heights on her life, as well as briefly comments on Dominican and American politics.

Audio doc about Moore Hall (the Pink Palace) by Dan Plumer, '16, made as part of Radio Storytelling, Spring 2015, taught by Eileen McAdam

Hilary speaks about what being a Dominican American, a black woman, and a Latinx woman means to her and the way her identities shape her experience.

Steve Otrembiak - Picture.jpeg
Former Skidmore College media technician, Saratoga Native, and second generation Skidmore employee, Steve Otrembiak, recalls his extensive, over 30-year career working in a growing and changing community. As someone who has witnessed the college’s…

Karl Broekhuizen - Picture.jpg
Karl Broekhuizen came to Skidmore in 1981 as Vice President of Business Affairs and remained in that position until 2005. In this interview he describes his path to Skidmore, including his education and experiences as a financial officer at other…

Louise Wise - Picture.jpg
Louise Beinetti Wise, a 1940 Skidmore graduate, served as president of the then-College Government Association while a student and was active in the Alumni Association after earning a degree in theater. She joined the Admissions staff in 1970,…

Eleanor Samworth came to Skidmore in 1964.  During her tenure she experienced the move to the new campus, growth in student enrollments, inception of coeducation in 1970, expansion of Liberal Studies, and computer use as central to many disciplines. …

Paul Perreault, the historian of the town of Malta, gives a general interview of the town's history and how Malta fits into the greater history of Saratoga County. Listen to 9:52 for a description of Malta's formation and foundation, 14:30 and 40:00…

Foulke20150429_0016 copy.jpg
Robert Foulke was a member of Skidmore’s English department from 1970-1992 and served as department chair for ten of those years. In this interview, he discusses department leadership, changes in the English curriculum, developing a winter term class…


DeSieno2 copy.jpg
Bob DiSieno, was a faculty member and Chair of the Mathematics and Computer Science department from 1983-2006. In this interview, he discusses expanding the use of computing across campus, forming the Science Planning Group to strengthen the role of…

Barbara Stroock Kaufman '40 studied Studio Art at Skidmore College. Though she never finished her degree, Kaufman continued as a sculptor. Her art, influenced by Asian cultures, decorates Skidmore's memorial garden.

In this interview, conducted…

IMG_1353 SG-300.jpg
An interview with Stacey Gerrish, '87, about her college days at Skidmore College. MDOCS interviewed Ms. Gerrish' grandmother on the same day. Ms. Gerrish talked about teaching a friend to drive, her work reading the news at WSPN and other…

Senior Center Saratoga.jpg

Senior Center Saratoga.jpg

Rachel Clothier describes growing up in Cold War Malta, New York. Excerpt from her interview with Rimmele Wood

Kathy Carter - Picture.jpg
Kathy Carter joined Skidmore’s Human Resources team in 1986 where her primary responsibilities included administering the college’s benefits programs and managing its labor relations. In this interview she describes transitioning from a corporate to…

An oral history interview with Dave Paterson, formerly a History Teacher at Saratoga High School and president of the Saratoga Springs History Meusuem, currently a tour guide at Saratoga Tours. In this interview, he discusses his journey to Saratoga…

Parker Diggory joined Skidmore as the Directory of Religious and Spiritual Life in 2016. She talks about her relationship to Saratoga Springs, religious life on campus, and religious life in town.

Samantha Bosshart.jpg
Samantha Bosshart talks about her experience preserving the history of Saratoga Springs.

Since September  1985, John Anzalone has been a professor of French at Skidmore College. An interdisciplinary scholar, Anzalone has taught in language, film, and the art of translation. He was centrally involved with Skidmore’s study abroad programs…

Chris McGill-Joseph joined the Skidmore workforce in 1987.  She has been a Skidmore wife, UWW student, Administrative Assistant, Skidmore parent, and Special Projects Manager, and she has long had a radio show on Sunday mornings on WSPN. In this…

Susan Zappen came to Skidmore in 1995 as a head of Scribner Library technical services.  She was named Associate College Librarian for Collections in 2001. Susan was active in the greater library community; she was president of ENY/ACRL, and named…

During her years at the College (1976-2007), Joanna Zangrando was a central figure in Skidmore’s American Studies Department and a leading voice for incorporating interdisciplinarity and the study of diverse perspectives into the College curriculum.…

This life history interview shares the story of Sandra "Sandy" Welter, who worked as director of University Without Wall (UWW) prison program, administrator for the Master of Arts and Liberal Studies (MALS), and English professor at Skidmore College…

Dave Marcell - Photo.jpg
David Marcell, came to Skidmore as Director of the American Studies program in 1964 and became the College’s Provost in 1977. In this interview he describes early initiatives in interdisciplinary teaching and learning at the College, including…

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