Saratoga County: History Happens Here

History Happens Here

Since 1791, Saratoga County has stretched from Albany to South Glens Falls, and from Waterford to Day.  Known nationally and internationally for its waters, which have drawn people, supplied work, leisure and leisure opportunities, and spurred industry and transportation, the county and its inhabitants know that History Happens Here. 

In preparation for a history exhibition about Saratoga County, past and present, at the Brookside Museum, students in Skidmore College's Spring 2021 Public History course have explored the Museum's collections (virtually), read traditional histories and recent newspaper reports, and interviewed experts, including town historians and indendent scholars.  We offer an initial approach for an exhibit that proposes to introduce a diverse community—of adults and children, residents and visitors, experts and beginners -- to the ways that humans have used and shaped the space of Saratoga County for the past five hundred years in a way that is inclusive, educational and timely.  

Saratoga County

Image source: Saratoga County Industrial Development Agency (2021)