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Her life, Beekman Street, Reasons she started the project, How the street has changed over the years, The impact of the recession.

George Demers is a longtime Saratoga resident with a relationship that dates back to the origins of Beakman Street. George discusses a unique perspective on Saratoga's art culture, or the lack thereof.

Outgoing administration eyes key land deals...Now, less than two weeks before a new mayoral administration steps into City Hall, the outgoing mayor and city attorney are on track to complete three key land deals to amek the Spring Run Trail a…

Interview with Paul Rosenberg, founder of the Flurry Festival and director of programs until 2005. Paul discusses the Festival's beginnings at an elementary school and the move to the City Center in Saratoga Springs.

A presentation by Phoebe Radcliffe, Eli Ruben, Natasha Thaler, Rebecca Walker and Tracey Wingate with research conducted in the archive of the Senior Center and planning for a short documentary film to emerge from it.

New comprehensive map shows trails and routes not normally listed

M'elle Pirri-Lee- Saratoga Healing Arts.mp3
Oral history

Interview with Doug Haller, ex-Administrative Director of the Flurry Festival. Topics include the development of the festival and Doug's experiences organizing the Flurry.

Many projects in the Capital Region are expected to benefit from funding announced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday...$1.13 million - The City of Saratoga will construct its Greenbelt Trail Downtown Connector, incorporating cyclist, pedestrian, and…

Davis, Peter.jpg
An interview with Peter Davis, the program director of the Flurry Festival from 2006- present day. Peter discusses the nuts and bolts of creating the schedule and how it changed from Paul Rosenberg's direction to the current form.

1976 5WILLIAMSplan.jpg
A plan of the plot of land acquired at the corner of Williams and Hamilton Streets for the Adult and Senior Center of Saratoga. The text reads "This area, adjacent to the St. Peter's Academy playground, has been designated as a possible location for…

An article describing the dedication of the new senior center at 5 Williams Street "this morning." It notes that this is a 'working example of a community helping its residents to help themselves..." and sees the center as 'timely and worthwile…


Sir William Johnson Carried to the Spring.png
Sir William Johnson (1715-1774) was the British soldier and hero of the French and Indian Wars . In addition to the report that indigenous people carried him to High Rock Spring in 1767 to treat his war wounds, this oil painting shows him also…

Sir William Johnson arriving at Saratoga Springs.png
Sir William Johnson (1715-1774) was a British soldier and a hero of the French and Indian Wars. In 1767, he was carried to High Rock Spring by indigenous people to treat war wounds to what is believed to be High Rock Spring, thought to have medicinal…

Map 002.jpg.jpeg
This 1772 manuscript representation of the Kayaderosseras Patent (issued by Queen Anne of Great Britain in 1708) show property inherited from an original patentee.

1779-Sauthier-LOC-Chorographical Map-NYS-ar107000-Kayaderosseras.jpg
Scale ca. 1:322,000. Hand colored. Prime meridian: London. Relief shown by hachures. Depths shown by form lines. Inscribed: To His Excellency Major General William Tryon ... "Advertisement. The tracts of land coloured red, are military grants ...…


An 1804 map of New York State that shows a cluster of buildings at the spot where Saratoga Springs will form. This may be the earliest depiction of Saratoga Springs properties on a published map. Thanks to Field Horne for the research.


1810-NYSL-MS-map-74748 1810 99-6518_map of number of building lots....jpg
Three versions of this 1810 plat, one of the earliest of Saratoga Springs, show founder Gideon Putnam’s properties shortly before his death, mapping out Saratoga Springs’ transition from rural land to urban settlement. Putnam and his wife Doanda…


Black and white photograph of Fish House Covered Bridge - built by the State in 1818 and torn down in 1930. "Copy by Larry Hart" written on back.

1819-ActToDivideTownSararoga-from 1819NYSLeg.jpg
The 1819 act separating the towon of Saratoga Springs from Saratoga. April 4, 1819

1810-1825-Scott-Putnam-CountyHistorian-McCabe-Map 003.jpg.jpeg
Three versions of this 1810 plat, one of the earliest of Saratoga Springs, show founder Gideon Putnam’s properties shortly before his death, mapping out Saratoga Springs’ transition from rural land to urban settlement. Putnam and his wife Doanda…

The Northern Traveller, Title Page and engraving of Niagara Falls
A guidebook to the U.S. Northeast that went through multiple editions between 1825 and 1850. Strip maps and area maps in each edition reflect the existing travel infrastructure. Comparing the 1825 and 1834 editions shows the arrival of the…


This sketch map was prepared by John Steel, surveyor, with the help of Henry Walton, at the request of Simeon De Witt, and corrects De Witt's state map.

A map of Saratoga County published in an atlas of New York State counties. This map shows the Kayaderosseras Patent plots as well as contemporary administrative districts. The newly separate towns of Saratoga and Saratoga Springs are clearly…

RL. Allen.jpeg
A treatise on the Saratoga Springs mineral waters by an MD.



Shows Saratoga Springs, including corporation lines. Map included many businesses, civic institutions, and personal properties. Subscribers are listed on the right side.

Congress Spring Saratoga.png
In 1802, Gideon Putnam built a tavern and boarding house in Saratoga Springs, NY, which helped turned the town into a destination for spa tourism. By the mid 1800s, popularity had increased and famous visitors included James Fenimore Cooper, Andrew…



A guide to Saratoga Springs, New York, with emphasis on its mineral springs.
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