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Interview with Peter Davis

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Interview with Peter Davis



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Skidmore-Saratoga Memory Project


DS113A: Storytelling Interviewing, Skidmore College


An interview with Peter Davis, the program director of the Flurry Festival from 2006- present day. Peter discusses the nuts and bolts of creating the schedule and how it changed from Paul Rosenberg's direction to the current form.




Amanda Muir


Saratoga Springs -- Flurry Festival -- History


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Amanda Muir


Peter Davis


Room 128B, Lucy Scribner Library, Skidmore College

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digital audio recording



Time Summary

00:00:00 Introductions

00:00:32 Discusses role of program director

00:01:28 Relationship to Paul Rosenberg, becoming the flurry program director

00:03:17 Asks wife how to strategize taking on the Flurry organization. Turns to computers

00:04:18 First year directing the festival, a power outage occurred in the city center while the weather became colder

00:07:25 Brought in swing music, the vision of Paul Rosenberg

00:08:30 Restructured the guidelines to increase profit for organization and increase younger attendance

00:10:40 Hired younger bands to increase youth attendance and added more youth oriented programing

00:12:20 Expanded the Flurry festival reach to a national scope, while still including local bands, teachers, and performers

00:14:20 Set up specific event for little kids and teens with help from board members

00:16:05 Remincing of sense of community at first Flurry festival.

00:16:50 Placed in a swing dance workshop at Old Songs Festival, met Jay Unger and Molly Mason who were big influences in the beginning of the Flurry Festival

00:17:30 Early swing dancing at the Flurry. Played the band at the festival and helped spread the word of the festival to more swing dancers

00:19:17 Played as a musician at the Flurry along with his son Ben

00:20:30 Maintained and increased the diversity in music and dance, added techno contra dance along with urban and traditional dance forms

00:23:50 Advertising the amount of music and songs available

00:24:25 Grant outreach through the Flurry Organization to underprivileged organizations to give them attendance to the festival

00:26:14 Increased positivity and support from the Saratoga community, specifically businesses

00:28:05 The flurry festival community. Hired musicians discovering the Flurry for the first time

00:30:07 Support of flurry community through financial troubles

00:31:00 Effects of the cold weather on the festival programmers and participants

00:33:25 Enjoying the Flurry. The difficulty of programming the events

00:36:20 Final performance was a medley of musicians at the festival that jammed including the Midwestern Swing

00:38:30 Watching the new people see the huge contra dances

00:39:30 Explaining the Flurry experience to non participants

00:42:20 The role the Flurry plays in Peter Davis’ life, looking towards the future

00:45:03 Considering the attendance of workshops and events

00:45:40 Positives and negatives of program director, writing a decline to a workshop teacher

00:46:50 The directors and departments on the Flurry Organization board

00:49:30 Desire to have support from local colleges and student performances

00:53:20 End

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Amanda Muir, “Interview with Peter Davis,” Skidmore Saratoga Memory Project, accessed May 30, 2024,

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