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Interview with Paul Rosenberg

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Interview with Paul Rosenberg



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Saratoga Memory Project


DS113A: Storytelling Interviewing, Skidmore College


Interview with Paul Rosenberg, founder of the Flurry Festival and director of programs until 2005. Paul discusses the Festival's beginnings at an elementary school and the move to the City Center in Saratoga Springs.




Amanda Muir


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Amanda Muir


Paul Rosenberg


Lucy Scribner Library, Skidmore College

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digital audio recording


61 minutes

Time Summary

00:00:00 Introductions.

00:00:52 Flurry hosted Iraq war protests in 2003 and 1989.

00:01:30 Founding of the Flurry Festival in Guilderland, New York, held at Westmere Elementary School

00:05:05 First year of the Flurry Dance Festival was met with a snowstorm.

00:06:12 Drawing in crowds by having good callers, musicians, and word of mouth. Held a dawn dance.

00:08:20 The importance of the president’s day weekend in the Flurry festival

00:10:30 Best memory was watching the children have fun dancing. Wanted more family activities

00:12:00 Inspired by music workshops and jamming of Ashokan camp and worked to incorporate this aspect

00:13:00 Starting the final jam performance at the end of the festival.

00:15:16 Creating the festival name and the impact it had with non dancing participants

00:17:20 Introduction of concerts into the festival

00:18:12 Procrastinating on creating the program, starting committee meetings late.

00:18:50 Influence of the Old Songs Festival and Nancy Gretta in the creation of the Flurry Festival

00:20:00 Difficulty organizing the first Flurry festival with Old Songs Committee members

00:23:45 Adding workshops and dances created difficulty in choosing and organizing

00:25:25 Rising tensions with the school because of wear and tear on soccer field and floor wear as well as cleanup

00:26:43 Adding more committees as jobs were needed
00:27:26 Moved festival at last minute because a broken pipe destroyed the multi-room. Hurried to find a new location Joe Dalton, leader of the Saratoga chamber of commerce, suggested the Saratoga City Center, Saratoga music hall and Skidmore College.

00:29:55 Dislike of the hard floors of the City Center. Had no other options and made due

00:31:06 Success of location, excluding Skidmore College

00:32:21 Difficulty with parking and so used a shuttle

00:33:06 Saratoga downtown changed perspective of hosting dances at schools to city centers.

00:34:10 Working with the Hilton manager on booking rooms the first few years

00:36:05 Deciding to stay in Saratoga

00:36:20 Creation of a video of the festival was made in 1992

00:36:55 Heaviest snowstorm the festival had almost caused the event to fold if not for the community

00:38:25 Decided to get married at the Festival in 1992 and wore a tuxedo. Jim Greggory, created a dance to honor him and his new wife

00:40:54 Informing everyone when the festival moved suddenly to Saratoga Springs 4 weeks away from the day

00:42:23 Finding a welcoming community in Saratoga Springs

00:44:03 Expanding awareness of the Flurry, especially with Mae Banner from the Saratogian

00:46:41 Considering moving to Saratoga

00:47:15 Attempting to date while organizing the Flurry Festival

00:51:00 Effecting relationships with performers

00:52:19 Reflecting on all of his goals being accomplished in bringing a world together

00:55:12 Commenting on the lack of diversity of color

00:56:28 Switching pianos across town

00:57:42 Still getting nervous feelings opening night.

00:59:10 Love of seeing children, jamming, and diversity of offerings

01:00:05 Working on keeping Saratoga Music Hall from becoming court space

01:00:50 End

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Amanda Muir, “Interview with Paul Rosenberg,” Skidmore Saratoga Memory Project, accessed May 30, 2024,

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