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El reflejo en el agua aprecia tu apariencia física, si te tomas el tiempo para mirar con más detenimiento te darás cuenta que, todo interior contiene riquezas que a simple vista no puedes apreciar.

The reflection in the water appreciates your…

Sin tanto que agregar. Tan solo con luz y sombra puedes sentir la paz y tranquilad de las personas que trabajan en este lugar para apoyarnos y enseñarnos más.

Without much to add. With just light and shadow you can feel the peace and tranquility…

The "great" falls of the Mohawk River - nearby is site of discovery of Cohoes mastodon.

Historical marker commemorating Solomon Northup, an African American man who was taken captive and became a slave.
Photograph by Howard C. Ohlhous, October 10, 2011

City of Saratoga Springs COVID-19 Resources Home Page.png
This is the resources pages for residents of the city of Saratoga Springs to get updates about the pandemic, including information about mask mandates, local resources and school openings.

Saratoga Springs Poster For Masks.png
This is an example of the numerous posters displayed throughout Saratoga Springs to encourage people to wear masks in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. The wearing of masks and social distancing was part of the Saratoga's initiative to…

In this oral history , Ms. Odette Ireland recalls memories including the time during World War II her home was occupied by French soldiers, when she first met her husband, and raising a family.

Interview with Vonnie Estes
Interview with Vonnie Estes, musician, dancer, and volunteer at The Flurry Festival, a three-day music and dance festival in Saratoga Springs, NY. Estes speaks about growing up, her evolution as a piano player, the history of The Flurry Festival, and…

In September. before the weather regularly became too cool and wet - like it was Wednesday - the Department of Public Safety painted new bike lanes on North Broadway.

City Council members said they were not against low-income housing in the city.

Rimmele - Rachel Clothier #1 - Country Stores.m4a
Rachel Clothier, Corinth Town Historian, talks about general stores in Saratoga County

An oral history interview with Dave Paterson, formerly a History Teacher at Saratoga High School and president of the Saratoga Springs History Meusuem, currently a tour guide at Saratoga Tours. In this interview, he discusses his journey to Saratoga…

After being presented with a 1059-signature petition opposed to the city's downtown transportation plan, the City Council on Tuesday tabled action on the proposal.

The City Council on Tuesday endorsed city Supervisor Matthew Veitch's initiative to have the state make improvements to Route 50-North, including a separate walking and bicycle path along the busy arterial.

A new study of the Route 50 corridor near the Saratoga Spa State Park recommends $1.5 million in improvements to pedestrian and bicycle access to the park and nearby city trails.

New, mile-long walking, biking path; after almost two decades the Spring Run Trail is now open

John Guay Profile.png
Oral History interview with John Guay, president, musician and dancer of the Flurry Festival. Guay talks about how the Festival has changed over the years and the problems they have today.

An 89-year-old Koren war vet from Brooklyn describes his life history. From his time in Brooklyn as a kid. His experience as a medical core in Korea, and then finally his life after with his family as a chemical engineer. This interview was conducted…

Outgoing administration eyes key land deals...Now, less than two weeks before a new mayoral administration steps into City Hall, the outgoing mayor and city attorney are on track to complete three key land deals to amek the Spring Run Trail a…



A guide to Saratoga Springs, New York, with emphasis on its mineral springs.

Two to three sentences about the interview.

Description of a few local areas to run, bike, and stroll.

BikeShare Week offers tours, provides free rides to the public.

An 1804 map of New York State that shows a cluster of buildings at the spot where Saratoga Springs will form. This may be the earliest depiction of Saratoga Springs properties on a published map. Thanks to Field Horne for the research.


1950-SSPL-Burleigh Over Card Catalog L Dejnozka c1950.jpg.jpeg

The overarching theme of the interview I conducted displays Mr. Plaskett's doubtful yet hopeful view for the future of the Lodge. He has been living in Saratoga and participating in the Lodge since 1998 - he has been an Elks member since his youth.…

Parking garage proposal halted; The Mouzon House which as solar collectors on its room would find itself in the shadows of the 5-story parking garage.

A week after an advisory committee administered the last rites to the city's paid parking plan, the proposal was declared dead by the city council.

A multi-use path to connect Northway and Congress Park

The bus route planned to travel between Saratoga Springs and New York City has been cancelled, according to an announcement on the company's website.



Interview with Doug Haller, ex-Administrative Director of the Flurry Festival. Topics include the development of the festival and Doug's experiences organizing the Flurry.

The Northern Traveller, Title Page and engraving of Niagara Falls
A guidebook to the U.S. Northeast that went through multiple editions between 1825 and 1850. Strip maps and area maps in each edition reflect the existing travel infrastructure. Comparing the 1825 and 1834 editions shows the arrival of the…

A budget report from 1977
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