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A group of seniors who comprise the Computer Club

In this article, margaret Lebrun writes that "fitness doesn't have to wane with age." Her examples are pool-playing Charles Shortsleeves and the bowlers Betty and Harvey mead. They participate in the fourth annual games for adults age 55 and older…

A newspaper clipping showing the beginning of construction for the center at 5 Williams St.

A newspaper clipping about the center's lack of funding leading it to close

1964-60YearsYoung-CitizenCenterisActive Place.jpg
A newspaper article reporting on the Center as an active place for seniors in the community

A presentation by Phoebe Radcliffe, Eli Ruben, Natasha Thaler, Rebecca Walker and Tracey Wingate with research conducted in the archive of the Senior Center and planning for a short documentary film to emerge from it.

1976 5WILLIAMSplan.jpg
A plan of the plot of land acquired at the corner of Williams and Hamilton Streets for the Adult and Senior Center of Saratoga. The text reads "This area, adjacent to the St. Peter's Academy playground, has been designated as a possible location for…

An article describing the dedication of the new senior center at 5 Williams Street "this morning." It notes that this is a 'working example of a community helping its residents to help themselves..." and sees the center as 'timely and worthwile…

1950-box7-m. vokes.jpg





A directory of all New York State Golden Age clubs outside of New York City, with brief descriptions. Saratoga Springs is included.

A newspaper clipping relaying Edna Hogan's installment as President of the Golden Age Club

A photo with caption depicting the fifth anniversary of the Senior Center

An annual report outlining the 1967 year for the Center

A newspaper clipping of Mrs. Arthur Vokes during her directorship at the Senior Center. In this image, Mrs. Vokes is sharing a project made at the center.

A photograph of three women doing needle point at the center

Getting Ready for Fundays
A newspaper clipping showing Allice Fay and Lillian Williams, two Senior Center members, painting ceramics at the Center to be showcased at the "Fundays" Fair on August 22 and 23.

A selection of photographs and newspaper article clippings in the Center's collections related to breaking ground on the new center.

1978-5Williams-Aerial view.jpg

A side-by-side of 162 Circular and 5 Williams

A newpaper clipping showing two seniors, Agnes Roman Czuk and Victor Szumachowski, people dancing in Ballston Spa

Two photographs from the Saratoga senior center's collection which showcase young adults providing technical advice to seniors. In the first image, a young map engages with an image. In the second, seniors and helpers are seated at computers.

Senior Center Saratoga.jpg
A photograph of a man standing with the sign outside the center

An article about seniors' fitness and participation in a cabaret show.

A photo of Robert Gass signing a United Way budget

A photograph from a Valentine's Day party at the Center

An article describing hte growing number of senior citizens in Saratoga County. The article incidcates that the over 65 population in tghe county grew by 11.7 percent (1990-1997) , more than the 7.9 percent growth across all age groups. By 1997,…

Sixty Years Young Poster.jpg
A poster created by Skidmore student Michael Zhou, '17, for the Sixty Years Young exhibit.

A budget report from 1977

A letter from the Board of Directors asking people to donate to the Cetner

A newspaper clipping showing three women playing cards at the center

Scan 5.jpeg




This early 1960's brochure welcomes seniors to the center and answers some key questions:
Who can and should belong?
What is it?
How is it organized?
What does it do?
how does it work?
How is it financed?
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