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Many people who have worked or studied at Skidmore College or lived in Saratoga Springs or the surrounding area carry the memories that help us tell the stories of our communities.

This collection offers a glimpse into our past in the voices of those who have shared their stories.

Collection Items

Stacey Gerrish Interview
An interview with Stacey Gerrish, '87, about her college days at Skidmore College. MDOCS interviewed Ms. Gerrish' grandmother on the same day. Ms. Gerrish talked about teaching a friend to drive, her work reading the news at WSPN and other…

Barbara Stroock Kaufman Interview
Barbara Stroock Kaufman '40 studied Studio Art at Skidmore College. Though she never finished her degree, Kaufman continued as a sculptor. Her art, influenced by Asian cultures, decorates Skidmore's memorial garden.

In this interview, conducted…

The Pink Palace
Audio doc about Moore Hall (the Pink Palace) by Dan Plumer, '16, made as part of Radio Storytelling, Spring 2015, taught by Eileen McAdam

Rachel Clothier describes growing up in Cold War Malta, New York. Excerpt from her interview with Rimmele Wood

Interview with Rachel Clothier
Rachel Clothier, Corinth Town Historian, talks about general stores in Saratoga County

Interview with Donald Daley
This Oral History is a retelling of World War II Veteran Donald Daleys life from the man himself. He recounts his childhood, his first job, enlisting for the war with friends and his later life.

Interview with Lou Schneider
An 89-year-old Koren war vet from Brooklyn describes his life history. From his time in Brooklyn as a kid. His experience as a medical core in Korea, and then finally his life after with his family as a chemical engineer. This interview was conducted…

Interview with Odette Ireland
In this oral history , Ms. Odette Ireland recalls memories including the time during World War II her home was occupied by French soldiers, when she first met her husband, and raising a family.

Interview with Johann Miller
In this interview, recording by a student in the Fall 2020 oral history class, as part of the project titled "Preserving Our Past," Capital Region resident Johann Miller describes her life, from leaving her childhood home at 18 to attending Woodstock…

Interview with Herta Spencer
This interview was conducted by a student in Skidmore College’s oral history class and is part of the Saratoga Senior Center project, “Preserving Our Past.” Herta Spencer—originally from Austria—has lived in New York City, New Jersey, Switzerland,…

Interview with Dora Daley
Dora Daley is a lifetime resident of Saratoga County. In this interview, she describes how In her youth she worked at a newspaper and as a young adult she worked at the paper mill in Mechanicsville. She left work to raise her children. Dora has then…

Life History of George Koshuta
a life history of George Koshuta that reflects on his experiences as a human being, an athlete, an observer of political history, and a banker.

Interviews with Sandra "Sandy" Welter
This life history interview shares the story of Sandra "Sandy" Welter, who worked as director of University Without Wall (UWW) prison program, administrator for the Master of Arts and Liberal Studies (MALS), and English professor at Skidmore College…

Interview with Ken Klotz
This is an oral history of Ken Klotz for the Saratoga Springs Memory Project. Ken is a former faculty member of Skidmore College, Ex-Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Former Finance Commissioner, and Former Chair of the Saratoga Democratic Committee. In…

Interview with Beverly Mastrianni
This is an interview with Beverly Mastrianni for the Skidmore Saratoga memory Project. Mastrianni is an alumna of Skidmore College, arts advocate, and artist in Saratoga Springs. She chronicles her work with the community and in the studio in this…

Interview with Joseph Levy
This is an interview with Joesph Levy, a photographer who moved to Saratoga in the 70's. He is known for is photography at the Saratoga Race Track, and also ran for state senate with the Green Party. Levy has made an impact on the arts community in…

Interview with Jacob Navarrete, '08
Navarrete, '08, from Dallas, Texas, graduated with a double major in psychology and history, focusing on existential psychology with Sheldon Solomon and American History with Jennifer Delton. He started working with Prof. Solomon in LS1 (Liberal…

Interview with Travis Roe Raymond, '08
Roe Raymond, '08, majored in religious studies, is from central New Jersey. He remembers the first night on campus as having some returning students come to Jonsson Tower and invite first years to join them at an event. That welcome helped break…

Interview with Bill Ladd, '83
Ladd, '83, was a theater major who studied with Carolyn Anderson. He hails from Wayne, Maine, and currently lives in Framingham, Massachusetts. He recalls faculty including Phyllis Roth and Pat Lee pushing him to excel, acting in a movie while…

Interview with Greg Hess, '78
Hess, a double major in chemistry and biology, and minor in business, describes how he came to take ballet classes and starting the Skidmore Hockey Club. He also worked as a ski instructor at West Mountain and Gore. Hess recalls that the letter of…

Interview with Dave Paterson
An oral history interview with Dave Paterson, formerly a History Teacher at Saratoga High School and president of the Saratoga Springs History Meusuem, currently a tour guide at Saratoga Tours. In this interview, he discusses his journey to Saratoga…

Interview with Lawrence Opitz
Interview with Professor Lawrence Opitz, professor of theater at Skidmore College, and founder of the Saratoga Shakespeare Company. He came to Saratoga from New York City in 1974.

Interview with Eric Morser
Eric Morser is an associate professor in the Skidmore Department of History, and Faculty Director of Civic Engagement.

Interview with Parker Diggory
Parker Diggory joined Skidmore as the Directory of Religious and Spiritual Life in 2016. She talks about her relationship to Saratoga Springs, religious life on campus, and religious life in town.

Interview with Samantha Bosshart
Samantha Bosshart talks about her experience preserving the history of Saratoga Springs.

Interview with Kris Leggiero
Two to three sentences about the interview.

Interview with Marc Woodworth
An oral history interview with professor and alumni Marc Woodworth. He discusses his time as a student on campus versus as a professor, and life as a Saratogian in general.
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