Skidmore Saratoga Memory Project
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A group of seniors who comprise the Computer Club

An annual report outlining the 1967 year for the Center

The Center's by-laws as of December 1969

A budget report from 1977

A newspaper clipping showing the beginning of construction for the center at 5 Williams St.

A newspaper clipping about the center's lack of funding leading it to close

1964-60YearsYoung-CitizenCenterisActive Place.jpg
A newspaper article reporting on the Center as an active place for seniors in the community

A newspaper clipping showing three women playing cards at the center

A letter from the Board of Directors asking people to donate to the Cetner

A photo of Robert Gass signing a United Way budget

Getting Ready for Fundays
A newspaper clipping showing Allice Fay and Lillian Williams, two Senior Center members, painting ceramics at the Center to be showcased at the "Fundays" Fair on August 22 and 23.

A newspaper clipping relaying Edna Hogan's installment as President of the Golden Age Club

A newpaper clipping showing two seniors, Agnes Roman Czuk and Victor Szumachowski, people dancing in Ballston Spa

A photograph of three women doing needle point at the center

Senior Center Saratoga.jpg
A photograph of a man standing with the sign outside the center

A newspaper clipping of Mrs. Arthur Vokes during her directorship at the Senior Center. In this image, Mrs. Vokes is sharing a project made at the center.

An article describing Phoebe Radcliffe's presentation of the 60 Years Young archive project and video at the Adult and Senior Center of Saratoga on May 5, 2017. The project is the culmination of a two year collaboration between MDOCS and the Center…

A side-by-side of 162 Circular and 5 Williams

A photograph from a Valentine's Day party at the Center
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