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Description of a few local areas to run, bike, and stroll.

The 1980 Census showed more than 14,000 people age 65 or older in Saratoga County. Home services can be costly and so group housing might become a possibility.

geyser crest plan ok.JPG
The application of William H. Moran, local real estate dealer, before the Planning Board, for approval of a project for housing development along the east side of the Recreation Field, between Lake Ave. and Caroline St., apparently has been settled…

The number of low-income people in Saratoga Springs has dropped because they are being priced out of the housing market.

The Urban Renewal Project Agency has received a $364,248 grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the local agency's Project 1. The Project 1 area includes the Gaslight Square complex at Broadway and Hamilton Street and…

Parking garage proposal halted; The Mouzon House which as solar collectors on its room would find itself in the shadows of the 5-story parking garage.

Letter from Margie H. Van Meter asking the NyS Development Authority to survey employees who live in Saratoga County about their commuting preferences.



Gasoline shortage leads Mayor Watkin to declare Saratoga Springs a 'disaster area'

Plan shifts bus routes to 'touch' more people.

In September. before the weather regularly became too cool and wet - like it was Wednesday - the Department of Public Safety painted new bike lanes on North Broadway.

A new bus route that should help senior citizens and track workers get around the Saratoga Springs area debuted last week, to the praise of city officials and advocate groups.

Letter to CDTA customers explaining the new Navigator system and benefits; its a plastic smart card with more security for transportation

Saratoga Springs might not be as large as some major cities but there is still a large homeless population.

A bus line that is expanding its expres service to Saratoga Springs will pick up passengers at 6:30 a.m. in front of Congress Park at the tourist booth on Broadway, and leave from New York at 8 p.m. for a return trip each day. A ticket will cost…

City Council members said they were not against low-income housing in the city.

Plans for a new rail project are emerging

In Saratoga Springs, the Queen of the Spas, a lack of low-income housing and no emergency shelters force people on to the streets.


The city could have another 80 spaces downtown this summer to help aid its parking congestion.

A week after an advisory committee administered the last rites to the city's paid parking plan, the proposal was declared dead by the city council.

Instituting paid parking during a severe recession in this successful but seasonal downtown wil leither remake or destroy it, depending on who you ask. Some fear businesses will be harmed.

1955, w. side housing.JPG
Additional safe and sanitary housing of a low-rent character is 'necessary and desirable,' according to the Saratoga Springs Planning Board which, at a recent meeting proposed a second, 75 apartment project on the west side of Broadway, preferably in…

For recent arrivals, it is hard to picture this city without the CVS Plaza on Congress Street, the vast parking lot on High Rock Avenue or the towering mixed use buildings that house The Gap, Talbots and other retail outlets...First started by the…

Architecture is the direct result of the growth of a city. Each structure built in Saratoga Springs is a response to the changing economy and the expansion of a city.

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