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Saratoga Springs

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Fisk, J.D.

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Until the advent of satellite mapping and smartphones, automobile drivers relied on road maps to navigate new and unfamiliar places. This 1981 road map by J.D Fisk, founder of local mapmaking firm JIMAPCO, helped travelers and residents find their way around Saratoga Springs.

The “glovebox” map would have been the main tool for anyone navigating the streets in the 1980s, and highlights the importance of I-87 in the car-centric late twentieth-century. Cemeteries, churches, fire stations, libraries, post offices, and schools also appear, showing their crucial role in the Saratoga Springs civic community. The map’s emphasis on scale and accuracy make the map trustworthy to travellers using it to get to and from, as well as around Saratoga Springs. However, despite a straightforward setup, such road maps can be challenging to consult when driving. Readers first consult an index and then grid to locate an unfamiliar road.


Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress





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Burnt Hills, N.Y.


“Saratoga Springs,” Skidmore Saratoga Memory Project, accessed December 12, 2017,

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